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FDELAY - The Rhythmiser

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FDELAY - The Rhythmiser
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The multi-band delay machine FDELAY is a tool for sound design and loop manipulation in realtime. In contrast to the delay machines you're used to FDELAY splits the frequency spectrum of the input signal into 27 bands and applies a separate delay unit to each band. The delay times can be synchronized to the host tempo generating nearly infinite rhythmical and sonic variations of the input signal.


* 27 band realtime multiband delay.
* Frequency dependant level, delay time and feedback.
* Linear phase precision filters for maximal transparency.
* Tempo syncable delay times up to 6 seconds.
* Meta parameter for quick access to rhythm variations.
* Minimized latency (12 ms).
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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Software Info:

  • Developer: VirSyn
  • Downloads: 893 time(s)
  • Added: January 29, 2011
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Sub Category: VST Effects
  • Rating: Rating: 7/10   7/10 2 Voters
  • License: Commercial

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