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Expandium is a hardware / software VST host solution designed for maximum reliability for live and studio performances.

Software specifications:

* Up to 32 VST plugins.
* Up to 16 audio I/O channels @ 192 kHz.
* Full MIDI and audio routing.
* Local MIDI merge functions.
* Full remote control by MIDI and network (no need for local screen, keyboard and mouse).
* Supports RTP MIDI (MIDI over IP).
* Low latency audio engine (down to 1 ms).
* "Pure ASIO" approach.

Hardware specifications:

* Available as desktop or rack system.
* ASUS motherboard.
* Low noise.
* Up to P4 dual core processor.
* ASIO audio adapter.
* Tweaked XP Pro kernel.
* Optional redundancy controller.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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