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* Softsynth plug-in for Massiva and VSTi host sequencers
* Low-band-highpassfilter with resonance and distortion
* 1 sequence with pattern and automation per plug-in instance
* Sequence slaves to tempo in host
* Sequence automatically transposes to MIDI note(s) played
* Sample accurate filter automation with tempo sync
* Each step in a pattern includes note offset from root, velocity,volume/filter decay times and glide times
* 2 oscillators with ring modulation, phase, detune and octave
* Playback mode: Mono, poly and sync (poly)
* LFO to filter, phase and pan
* Stereo BPM delay
* Decay and glide times are relative to tempo like "time stretch"
* Everything is saved with song in host
* CC to filter cutoff and resonance
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