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Electri-Q is a simple, intuitive, but powerful EQ, which makes it easy to adjust the magnitude of any audio material. It can be used on every track or even as a mastering equalizer.

Electri-Q offers two individual algorithms.

1. Analog: modelled on a transistor based circuit of a real analog EQ.
2. Digital: a pure and neutral digital EQ without any coloration.


* Intuitive GUI.
* Up to 64 bands.
* Two basic algorithms ('Digital' and 'Analog').
* Additional algorithms ('Scream', 'Linear Phase' and 'Maximum Phase').
* 64-bit Assembler optimized.
* Economy Mode for less CPU Usage.
* All basic Filter Types (Peak, HighShelf, LowShelf, Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass, Notch).
* 80+ Special Filters.
* Mono/Stereo (linked).
* Draw Filter Curve Estimation.
* Exact Edit of Frequency, Gain, Bandwidth.
* Add/Delete of a band.
* Psychoacoustic Spectrum Analyser.
* Customizable Default.
* A|B compare.
* Import/export posihfopit presets.
* 72 Presets.
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