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Effektor is a software audio host that offers VST compatibility to audio programs that do not support it (Reason, Traktor, etc.). It aims to transform these programs into plug-ins themselves, and allows you to route the audio and MIDI signals to and from standard VST plugins. For example, a DJ can use any VST plugin along with Traktor. Used with Reason, Effektor can process incoming and outgoing audio signals using any VST plugin, without adding any latency.


* Up to 16 VST plugins.
* 16 I/O channels between EFFEKTOR and the hosted software.
* Compatible with Reason, Traktor 2, Traktor 3 and all other ASIO capable programs without VST support.
* Full MIDI and audio routing.
* Full remote control by MIDI and network.
* Supports RTP MIDI (MIDI over IP).
* Based on Expandium hosting technology.
* Low latency audio engine (down to 1 ms).
* "Pure ASIO" approach.
* Designed for Live performance.
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