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Dorrough Meter Collection (Stereo & Surround Editions)

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Dorrough Meter Collection (Stereo & Surround Editions)
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The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection features models of Dorrough's most popular loudness meters: 280D/240D, 380D/340D, and 40AES/EBU. Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, they provide precision loudness monitoring for every conceivable audio scenario. As Input Meters to attain optimal recording levels, as Group/Auxiliary Meters to achieve optimal group loudness, or as Master Output meters, the Waves Dorrough Meters do it all.


* "Superfast" Peak Response.
* Sum and Difference Energies for Optimal Stereo-to-Mono Compatibility.
* Left/Right Phase Correlation.
* Displays Number of Overs.
* Peak and Average Level Relations.
* Three Selectable Styles: Horizontal (280D/240D), Vertical (380D/340D), and Arc (40AES/EBU).
* Three Selectable Sizes: Extra Large, Large, and Small.
* Selectable Reference Levels.
* Switch Between Display Sizes and Styles with the Click of a Mouse.
* 40dB Scale in 1 dB steps.
* Mono & Stereo Components.


* Meter Style Vertical, Horizontal, Arc.
* Meter Size S, L, XL.
* Reference Level 20dB AES, 18dB EBU, 14dB.
* Peak Auto, Hold, Reset.
* Overs Display, Reset.
* Meter Mode Phase, Sum/Diff, Left/Right.
* Phase Error LED.
* Overs Error LED.
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  • Developer: Waves
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  • Added: January 23, 2011
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Sub Category: VST Effects
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