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* 8 independent additive synths:
o Four morphable sound sources
o 512 partials per voice
o Harmonic/inharmonic spectra
o Arbitrary noise spectra
o Morphable filter banks
o Ensemble
o 3 Envelopes with tempo sync
o 64 time/level segments per envelope
o 2 LFOs
* Resynthesis:
o AIFF/WAV sample import
o Sine spectrum
o Residual spectrum
o Pan spectrum
o Spectral editing
o Time warp envelope with 64 breakpoints
* 8 Effect racks:
o Chorus/Phaser/Flanger
o Distortion
o Echo/Delay
o Reverb
* Arpeggiator
* System:
o Scala compatible Microtuning
o Up to 8 independent outputs
* User Interface:
o Unique design
o MIDI learn function
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Windows All

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