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Cortex Guitar Amp

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Cortex Guitar Amp
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Cortex is a virtual guitar amp. Unlike most other amps simulations, this one doesn't try to emulate popular guitar amps, but creates it's own unique sound.

Cortex has the following controls:

* Preamp: choose between two different preamps.
* Gain: Determines the amount of gain of the preamplifier stage.
* Tube/SS: controls whether you'd like to use a tube amp or a solid state amp. You can determine the amount of tube or solid state amplification.
* Low, Mid, High, Presence: controls the EQ.
* EQ: choose between two different EQs.
* Speaker: You have four speakers and can control the volume of three of them. The result is a mix of these four speakers. Additionally you can choose between one of 17 different speaker-types per speaker. Alternatively you can use a lowpass-filter instead of a speaker.
* Volume.
* Quality.

NOTE: Cortex uses the plug-in host's default interface.
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