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Console Sound Modular Studio

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Console Sound Modular Studio
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console is a modular plug-in host that supports VST and DirectX Audio plug-ins.

It can also work as VST / DX instrument / effect.

Main Features:

* Uses a modular system that allows graphical patching and intuitive operation of plug-ins and sound devices.
* Supports VST effects, VSTi, DirectX audio plug-ins, and DXi. Works as a stand alone plug-in host, or as a plug-in for another host.
* Offers intuitive mouse-based operation, and is also light on system resources.
* MIDI Learn function allows plug-in parameters to be controlled with ease.
* Includes original plug-ins such as mixer plug-ins and mini pattern sequencer.
* Supports input and output of MIDI clock.
* Supports ASIO drivers for high-quality audio playback with low latency.
* Multi I/O supported. Standard DirectSound and MME drivers are also supported.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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