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Cold Digital Delay

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Cold Digital Delay
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Cold Digital Delay is a stereo experimental/psychedelic delay effect featuring four types of unique delays.

1. Glitch is based on a random delay system controlled by an internal BPM pulse. Great for adding a light glitch element to drums and other sounds.

2. Wave is designed around a delay feeding into a HPF controlled by the synced LFO.

3. Hollow is essentially two delays. The first repeats the dry signal once while the other creates an echo that is then fed through a HPF.

4. Freqk is a delay using the effect's LFO to control (in conjunction with it's knob control) the delay time of the effect. This causes a very unique delay effect that changes the pitch and speed of the wet signal. Freqk also has it's own control to determine whether the effect with have smooth or chopped transitions. Highly recommended on plucked instruments.

Note: Feedback control does not work on the Glitch effect. Delay control does not work on the Wave effect.
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