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ClockWOrK brings a vintage style step-sequencer into your computer as a plugin. Besides the clear GUI it offers some specialties, like the ability to mute and skip steps, note names at the knobs, a second row for velocity or MIDI CC per step, manual trigger by MIDI key, selectable number of steps up to 16 and others. The sequence can be transposed by MIDI input.

ClockWOrK is a pure MIDI plugin, intended to be used with any sound source - plugins or external synths. So its output can be recorded as MIDI in your DAW and further manipulated.

Using an external controller box gives the feel of using an old step-sequencer, from which artists like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream took their hypnotic sequences.


* Clear and easy interface.
* Number of steps selectable (up to 16).
* Note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display.
* Additional row for velocity or MIDI CC.
* Each step can be muted or skipped.
* Sequence transpose by MIDI input.
* Selectable speed (clock divide).
* Manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key.
* Reset to a specific step manually or on bar start.
* Play only when MIDI key is pressed.
* Random play.
* Supports automation by your host (like "Learn" in Reaper or Energy or Novation Automap).
* MIDI-output; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source.
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