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Chris Hein - Horns Vol. 2 Sections

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Chris Hein - Horns Vol. 2 Sections
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Chris Hein - Horns Vol.2 Sections is a Kontakt Player 2-based 14 GB collection of 17 solo brass and sax instruments and 10 section combinations, perfect for Pop, Jazz, Funk & Big-Band.

While Chris Hein - Horns Vol.1 Solo Instruments contains instruments especially designed to perform realistic solos, CHH Vol.2 is focused on section playing. Both libraries play very well together. Vol.2 is the perfect extension of Vol.1 and vice versa.

The instruments:

* Trumpet A
* Trumpet B
* Trumpet C
* Trumpet D
* Alto Saxophone A
* Alto Saxophone B
* Alto Saxophone C
* Tenor Saxophone A
* Tenor Saxophone B
* Baritone Saxophone A
* Baritone Saxophone B
* Tenor Trombone A
* Tenor Trombone B
* Tenor Trombone C
* Tenor Trombone D
* Bass Trombone A
* Bass Trombone B

The Sections:

* Trumpet Section (4 Trumpets)
* Trumpet Section (2 Trumpets (A,B))
* Trumpet Section (2 Trumpets (C,D))
* Full Sax Section (7 Saxes)
* Alto Sax Section (3 Saxes)
* Tenor Sax Section (2 Saxes)
* Baritone Sax Section (2 Saxes)
* Full Trombone Section (6 Trombones)
* Tenor Trombone Section (4 Trombones)
* Bass Trombone Section (2 Trombones)
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