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Chris Hein - Bass

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Chris Hein - Bass
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Chris Hein - Bass is a Kontakt 2 Player based bass guitar sampled virtual instrument. It took more than a year for Chris Hein to produce this collection of six noble bass instruments - a Musicman Stingray electric-bass picked & slapped, a LeFay fretless bass and a unique upright bass with three different sets of strings: steel-strings (the classic jazz sound), nylon-strings (the high-fidelity sound) and gut-strings (the old-school swing sound of the 40s).

All nuances of bass playing techniques are implemented in this sampled virtual instrument. It offers 112 MIDI controllable features including things like repetition-hotkeys, keys-vibrato, fall-control, bridge/center playing, pickup micro-blending, expression-samples, pinch-harmonics, automatic-mode, slide-mode, chord-mode and much more.

The included IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX Uno (virtual bass-amp) adds more sound variations to the natural, basic, bass instruments.


* 12.7 GB of natural bass sounds.
* Up to 4,089 samples per sound.
* Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player engine.
* Up to 42 articulations.
* Up to 8 velocity layers.
* 112 MIDI controllable parameters with total recall.
* Repetition hotkeys.
* Key vibrato.
* Four release controls.
* Fall control.
* Bridge-/center playing.
* Pickup micro-blending (upright basses).
* Pinch harmonics (electric basses).
* Expression samples.
* Automatic-, slide- and chord-mode.

Ampeg SVX Uno offers:

* 1 signature Ampeg bass-amp model with pre-amp, EQ, limiter and 9-band graphic EQ.
* 1 cabinet model.
* Microphone modeling.
* 1 stomp effect (chorus).
* High-precision tuner.
* Speed trainer.
* Plug-In and standalone version.
* Qualifies for up- or cross-grades to Ampeg SVX Full version or any other IK Multimedia product.
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