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* Chainer is a multi-effect and multi-instrument rack for musicians and sound designers. It's a VST host that runs as a standalone application, VST effect and VST instrument.

* VST(i) and ASIO host.
* Standalone application and VST(i) plugin.
* Turns your PC into:
o Realtime multi-effect device.
o Multi-timbral sound generator.
* Streams the ASIO/VST input signal through up to 10 chains of VST effects.
* Several VST instruments playable simultaneously.
* VST instruments playable on different MIDI channels.
* 100 slots for VST(i) plugins per instance of Chainer.
* Chainer and VST plugin parameters controllable through MIDI control change messages and VST automation.
* Creates 16/24/32bit multi-samples from your VST instruments (WAV, SF2).
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