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Cantor is a sophisticated real-time vocal synthesis instrument that allows you to enter your lyrics in plain English or German and then "sing" them instantly by playing the melody on your MIDI keyboard. Realistic expression can be added with real-time parameters controlling vibrato rate and depth and you can change the character of the singing voice from female to male.

Cantor also goes beyond creating realistic "human" singers as many parameters have no relation to the human voice, for example "Metallize" apparently turns your virtual singer into a singing Gong!

Cantor's voice editor allows you to edit the character of your virtual singer by defining the base spectrum for vowels and consonants. The Phoneme editor gives you full access to the atoms of the vocal synthesis engine where you can define the formant structure and the noise characteristic of each phoneme used by the vocal engine.

Multi-timbral vocal synthesis:

* Realtime vocal synthesizer.
* 8 independent vocal lines (parts).
* English pronouncing dictionary with 120,000 words.
* German pronouncing dictionary with 100,000 words.
* VOSE vocal synthesis engine – no samples used.
* Built in sequencer with matrix editor.
* Voice editor for simulating the vocal cord.
* Phoneme editor for simulating the vocal tract.
* Individual modulations for each note.
* MIDI Import function for notes, lyrics, expression and pitch bend data.
* Manual/automatic operation with VST/Audio Unit/RTAS Host.
* Built in mixer for layer and split key functionality.

Realtime parameters:

* Brightness.
* Tension.
* Humanize.
* Metalize.
* Gender factor.
* Vibrato.
* Breath noise.


* Scala compatible microtuning.
* MIDI Learn function.

3 Insert effects for every part:

* Distortion: Hard, Soft, Tape, Tube and simple tone control.
* Stereo delay / cross delay / echo with MIDI synchronization.
* Modulation effect.
* 8-pole phaser.
* Flanger.
* Roomsimulator (from shoe box to Taj Mahal ...).
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