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* Highly optimised engine for low CPU load.
* Powerful MIDI processing incl. keyswitch option and SP-switch.
* Flexible and intuitive handling of multis, layers and single keygroups.
* Up to 16 audio outputs.
* Simultaneous use of up to 8 different layers.
* Hundreds of stunning single and multi patches using over 10,000 samples.
* Intelligent polyphony management: saves the natural release of the instruments and also the adjustment of voice usage per layers and notes to save CPU power!
* Cross platform plug-in compatibility.
* Innovative "alternate" feature for the automatic selection of different samples when playing the same note twice.
* Compatible with ProTools and any VST 2.0, AU & DXi compatible Host such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Digital Performer 4.1 etc. up to 32bit/192kHz.
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