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Canadian Metal Pack

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Canadian Metal Pack
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The Canadian Metal Pack consists of six plug-ins - three from AcmeBarGig and three from LePou plug-ins - plus three Cabinet Impulse Responses from Catharsis Studios, designed specifically for LePou plug-ins' SoloC.

* AcmeBarGig RedShift Overdrive.
* AcmeBarGig Preampus Distortus.
* AcmeBarGig Scar Unlimited.
* LePou plug-ins SoloC Full Stack.
* LePou plug-ins SoloC Head.
* LePou plug-ins SoloC Preamp.

AcmeBarGig's Red Shift Overdrive allows you to replace the tone of your guitar's pickup with a huge list of alternatives and provides you the versatility you need without having to spend money on several guitars. From active rail pickups to lipstick-style single coils, from warm 50s humbuckers to high output modern varieties, RedShift covers every style of playing. Additionally, Red Shift allows you to actually change the material that makes up the body of your guitar. In addition to providing a variety of woods, AcmeBarGig provide you with some more interesting options. Guitars made of pyrex, granite, and even human tissue are available for those who aren't afraid to experiment.


* Simulate replacing your guitar's pickups and material.
* Bypass the material changing section if you just want to change the pickups.
* Built-in tube overdrive.
* Mono plugin operation.

AcmeBarGig's Preampus Distortus is their heaviest amp yet - this one is designed specifically for metal players. With record amounts of gain on tap, this one can deliver "chunky rhythms, searing leads, and the most brutal and aggressive tones we could dream up".


* Dual tube and solid-state"circuitry".
* Extreme high gain overdrive.
* Powerful tonestack.

AcmeBarGig's Scar Unlimited is a customizable distortion processor which sends 4 freely selectable frequency bands to 4 separate virtual 12AX7 tubes, each with an individual bias control. This plug-in was designed to allow for highly flexible overdrive/distortion shaping.


* 4 12AX7 Tubes.
* Each tube effects a certain frequency band, each of which may be determined by the user.
* Tube biasing controls are provided for each tube.
* Each tube's gain is controllable.

LePou plug-ins SoloC Full Stack, SoloC Preamp and SoloC Head

SoloC is a 4 channel guitar amplifier with power amp (in the Head and Full Stack versions) and dual cabinet simulation (Full Stack only). The 4 channels cover everything from crystal, glassy cleans to heavy, thick distortion, and everything in between as well. Each cabinet may be bypassed, selected from an internal IR, or used with an external IR. Controls are included for controlling phase, delay, volume, as well as low pass and high pass filters.

Included in the release are 3 external IRs from Catharsis Studios, designed specifically for use with SoloC. "Global" controls are also included, mono/stereo and low/high quality switches in the Preamp and head models, and low/high quality and cabinet independent/blend switches in the Full Stack.


* 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Drive and Boost.
* Each channel has independent controls.
* Each channel includes bright/normal modes.
* Low quality mode for running many instances and older computers.
* High quality mode for bouncing and freezing tracks, mixdown, newer computers and fewer instances.
* Power amp and cabinet simulation.
* Powerful tools for controlling cabinets, including phase, delay and LP & HP filters.
* Ability to load up to 2 external IR files.

The plug-ins in the pack were developed using a mixture of C++, assembly and Synthmaker.
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