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baddASS is a bass drum fortification device.


* 1 input, 1 output:
o Beef-up your kick with 20 to 200 Hz sin waves.
o Bend and twist - add punch and guts.
o Designed for added oooomph.
* 1 Oscillator.
* Overdrive with controls for drive and threshold.
* Bit crusher.
* 2 Clippers.
* 2 parametric EQ bands.
* Adjustable attack [click].
* Separate controls for 'badd' & 'ass' levels.
* Dry/wet mix control.
* Additional input and output gates.
* Post mix cut/boost control.
* 16 presets.
* Envelope controls:
o Volume
o Pitch
o Bit depth


Music Production: baddASS is ideal for sorting out weak bass drums. It can be used to gate the incoming bass drum and therefore reduce spillage, but that's just the start. From storming bottom end to evil cutting distortion, baddASS's drive, crush and EQ sections give you plenty of scope for re-shaping your kick. Add click for more attack, and reinforce sub-bass content with pure waves, Parameters for badd, ass, and mix allow full control over the original bass drum, low-end reinforcement, and distorted nastiness - without using any compression.
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