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Auricula Ear Training Plug-ins

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Auricula Ear Training Plug-ins
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Auricula Ear Training Plug-ins are designed for audio producers & engineers. You provide an audio file and the Auricula plug-in will manipulate the sound automatically in some way - it's then up to you to make a guess and see if you heard what changed. Your scores will improve the more you practice and you'll become a better listener.


Emphasis: EQ
Unit of Measurement: Hz (nearest octave)
Level of Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Identifying frequency content is one of the most important aural skills we feel you need to develop. Helices will help you develop these skills by using standard filters to effect the timbre of a signal. Specifically, you can drill using five filter types over a ten octave range.


* Boost filter
* Bandpass filter
* Notch (band reject) filter
* High pass filter
* Low pass filter

Helices Pro

Emphasis: EQ
Unit of Measurement: Hz (nearest 1/3 octave)
Level of Difficulty: Hard

Picking up where Helices leaves off, Helices Pro narrows the affected band of frequencies to 1/3 of an octave. Master Helices first, then challenge yourself with Helices Pro.


* Boost filter
* Bandpass filter
* Notch (band reject) filter
* High pass filter
* Low pass filter


Emphasis: Changes to the Stereo Field
Unit of Measurement: Varies
Level of Difficulty: Easy

What happened to that stereo mix or stereo sub-mix you worked so hard on for so many hours? It just doesn't sound the same now. There are lots of things that can go wrong - here's what we feel are the most common and necessary for you to be able to identify, by ear:

* Single channel phase reversal
* Summed to mono
* Channels swapped
* Left heavy mix
* Right heavy mix


Emphasis: Gain Changes
Unit of Measurement: dB (decibel)
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Ever wonder what a dB sounds like? EQ boost/cut, fader position, mic trim, and many other audio parameters are measured in decibels. The dB is not an intuitive unit of measurement and it takes some getting used to. We feel you need to develop an intuitive grasp of level differences measured in decibels.


Emphasis: Time Delay
Unit of Measurement: msec
Level of Difficulty: Medium

Delay is often added as an effect to enhance listening pleasure. It can also sneak into a system and result in detrimental consequences. Short delays, in particular, have a unique sonic fingerprint called a 'comb filter'. We feel you should be able to recognize the presence of delay and be able to estimate its value.


Emphasis: EQ
Unit of Measurement: Hz, dB, Q
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Insane

Designed to pick up where Helices and Helices Pro leave off, Concha challenges you with infinite variability. Center/cutoff frequency, boost/cut, and Q can all be under your control. You may even have to select one of five filter types. The more choices give yourself, the harder it becomes to match your EQ's sound to the target EQ's sound.


Emphasis: Reverberation
Unit of Measurement: N/A
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Meatus simulates different acoustic environments, such as concert halls, echo chambers, rooms and more... Your source material will sound as if it were actually recorded in a different space. Can you tell which space? Meatus also simulates different artificial reverbs. Best used on individual tracks, not mixes.
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