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Audio Stage Mac OSX

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Audio Stage Mac OSX
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AudioStage is a multi-platform 3D audio authoring and mixing solution for movie and music post-production, compatible with almost all major audio software: ProTools, Pyramix, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Audio, Samplitude, etc.

Based on a 3D scene approach that allows to simultaneously output stereo, surround or full-3D audio formats, AudioStage supports full automation and animation of 3D audio objects. Multiple, connected rooms can be created with wall reflections and reverberation effects. Panning techniques (including stereo, binaural, stereo3D, surround, Ambisonics and VBAP) may be used in multiple concurrent mixes, in real-time.

There are four editions of AudioStage available:

* Stereo, for mixers working on two-channels formats (TV, music, etc.).
* Surround, for engineers working in formats up to 5+1 channels (movie post-production).
* Unlimited, to obtain mixes up to 64 simultaneous channels.
* LITE, a free, limited stereo version.

Options allow to temporarily turn AudioStage into a Surround or Unlimited edition if needed.
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System Requirements:

Dongle (NOT iLok or eLicenser)
Mac OS X

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