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ASC MonoLine

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ASC MonoLine
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ASC MonoLine is a monophonic stereo subtractive synthesizer featuring lots of modulatable parameters and a double-filter. It is capable of producing everything from basslines and 303 sounds to weird rhythmic patterns, sweeps and percussion.


* Up to 4 note polyphonic.
* 7 waveforms: sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise & pink noise.
* Flexible BPM syncable LFO with 7 bipolar destinations at all times.
* Two 12dB filters available through 2 different modes: Serial and parallel.
* Four filter types (for both filters): low pass, band pass, band reject & high pass.
* Full ADSR envelope, also user definable bipolar routing to the filter.
* Distortion and saturation, velocity sensitivity and glide (portamento).
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