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AlgoN was developed as a sketch board for AlgoMusic's algorithmic ideas which developed into the current version of the M42 Nebula. If you purchase M42 you will receive AlgoN free.

Features include:

* 2 separate synths, each with:
o 1 oscillator with multiple waveforms including two types of noise.
o A low pass filter.
o 2 LFOs.
o 2 envelope generators.
o Multiple modulation routings.
o A rhythm grid.
* Algorithmic scale generator to enable ever changing sequences with user scale selection.
* Stereo panning for each synth.
* Split keyboard capacity.
* Reverb.
* X-Y BPM synced delays.

AlgoN comes with 128 presets by sound designers Tim Conrardy and UGO.
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Windows All

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