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Acoustica is a universal audio editing program that offers a large range of high quality audio tools and effects.


* Recording and playback through any windows compatible audio device.
* Reads and writes the following file formats:
o Ogg-Vorbis format (ogg).
o Wave Audio format (wav).
o Windows Media Audio (wma).
o MPEG Layer 3 (mp3 - requires Windows Media Player 10 for high quality export).
o Sun Audio Format (au).
* Imports audio track from the following video file formats:
o MPEG Video (mpg or mpeg).
o Audio Video Interleave (avi - additional CODECs may be required).
o Windows Media Video (wmv).
* Unlimited undo and redo levels.
* Ultra fast non-destructive editing engine.
* Standard cut, copy, paste and mix editing.
* Drag and drop editing.
* Burn Audio CDs containing your edited tracks.
* Import audio tracks from CDs.
* Support for VST and DirectX audio effect plug-ins.
* Editing tools:
o High quality time stretching.
o Create volume curves and fades.
o Sample format conversion.
o Channel mixer for stereo image adjustments.
* Signal enhancement algorithms:
o Improved click filter for restoration of LP and 78 RPM recordings.
o Noise reduction based on spectral subtraction.
o Six band full parametric equalizer with graphical display of the frequency response.
o Synthesis of high frequency components gives life to old recordings.
o Automatically remove DC offsets.
* Signal analysis tools:
o Fourier spectrum.
o Fourier spectrogram (2D, time-frequency-plot).
o Wavelet plots (based on the Morlet-Wavelet).
* Effect algorithms:
o High quality reverb.
o Echo, flanger and chorus.
o Dynamic processor with graphical input.
o Pitch transpose (with or without alteration of duration) and harmonizer.
* Real-time preview on most of the effects.
* New preset manager allows you to store user presets for all effects.
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