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Best Service describes Accordions as "the definitive accordion sample library". It is designed and scripted to perform, in real-time, ultra-realistic accordion melodies and chords. All the subtle sounds from an accordion have been carefully captured to increase the realism of your performance, like key and button noises.

8 different Accordions were sampled in high detail, one of them a A-A (Alfred Arnold) Bandoneon from the 1930s - the same model Astor Piazzolla used. Also included are 8 perfectly balanced Multis with meticulously made combinations to create new ready-to-use registers.

Accordions can be used in many different kind of productions and styles - from cinematic, romantic to folk styles like Celtic, Tex-Mex or South American.

This library includes:

* 7 complete independent instruments plus 1 bonus accordion:
1. Bandoneon
2. Concertina
3. Single Reed Piccolo Accordion
4. Single Reed Musette Accordion
5. Single Reed Bassoon Accordion
6. Double Reed Musette Accordion
7. Left Hand Bass Accordion
8. Steirische Accordion (Bonus).
* 8 perfectly balanced multis with fine-tune combinations to create new ready-to-use registers:
1. Oboe Register
2. Celeste Register
3. Bandoneon Register
4. Organ Register
5. Triple Musette Register
6. Harmonium Register
7. Master Register
8. Accordion Register
* 3 round robin playback in each crossfade layer.
* Realistic instrument noises.
* Advanced but easy to use Kontakt scripting signed by G√ľnter Hirscher.
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