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Xhip was originally designed as a basic synthesizer used inside a "tracker" (acidtracker) around 1999. Before that it had existed in pieces as small tools for generating samples to be used in more common trackers. In 2003, it existed as a stand-alone application (acidsynth) and was then converted in to a VST instrument plug-in. It needed a new name as the synthesizer was really designed for simple, chipsounds, with a little xtra; not so much for TB-303 basslines or whatever else might be associated with "acid".

Xhip offers "xweet xubtractive xudio xynthesis". With the addition of a second oscillator, a super-saw, two filters, a waveshaper, pairs of modulators (envelopes, and LFOs); features like ringmod, xmod, filter input fm, saturation and global unison, xhip has become far more than its original intention.

Xhip allows you to produce the highest quality dual-oscillator polyphonic synthesizer sounds, similar to classic poly synthesizers of the late '80s. Strings, synth pads, basses, leads, realistic organs and pianos, sound effects and more are demonstrated in the included bank.


* Software synthesizer, subtractive.
* Two band limited oscillators (minblep).
* Ringmod, sync.
* Real glide.
* Multimode filter, self oscillation possible, real keyboard tracking.
* Two envelopes, two low frequency oscillators.
* Modular modulation.
* Per-sample modulation and glide.
* Per-voice distortion with static filter.
* Quite fast, very high quality.
* Perfect note logic (mono/low/high/last/poly to 16 voices).
* Correctly implemented round robin voice stealing, other modes planned.
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