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Voxengo GlissEQ

Rating: 0/10
(by Voxengo) - Commercial
GlissEQ is an analog-style equalizer in plug-in form. The most interesting thing GlissEQ offers is its dynamic equalization performance. Using almost any existing equalizer, you always... (info)
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Voxengo r8brain

Rating: 0/10
(by Voxengo) - Free!!
This utility program was designed to allow both amateur and professional users to perform high quality sample rate conversion of WAV files. For example, if your WAV file was recorded or... (info)
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Voxengo MSED

Rating: 7/10
(by Voxengo) - Free!!
MSED is ade encoder/decoder plug-in which encodes (splits) the incoming stereo signal into two components:de or, alternatively, mono/stereo pair, and vice versa: decodes... (info)
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Voxengo Boogex

Rating: 10/10
(by Voxengo) - Free!!
Boogex is a guitar amplifier plug-in with a variety of sound shaping features. With Boogex it is possible to get heavy distorted sound as well as slight distortion sound. Boogex is also... (info)
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Voxengo Overtone GEQ

Rating: 10/10
(by Voxengo) - Free!!
Overtone GEQ is 7-band harmonic (overtone) graphic equalizer with multi-channel support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, host setup-dependent). Overtone GEQ offers extensive... (info)
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Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

Rating: 9/10
(by Voxengo) - Free!!
This is a reverb unit plug-in suitable mainly for instruments and sounds which do not have sharp percussive elements to them, otherwise this reverb sounds too edgy. This reverb is great at ... (info)
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