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Rating: 7/10
(by QuikQuak) - Free!!
A FREE stereo enhancer. UpStereo is a simple, useful tool - it makes your mixes bigger, in stereo width and... (info)
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Rating: 0/10
(by QuikQuak) - Commercial
RaySpace is a completely new acoustic room simulator. This unique reverb creates up to five channels of surround-sound reverb, all calculated in real-time. The characteristics of the room... (info)
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Glass Viper

Rating: 0/10
(by QuikQuak) - Commercial
Glass Viper is a synthesizer with unique waveform shaping, that has a deep and natural sense of movement. Going beyond analogue simulation, into a truly organic sound, from simple old... (info)
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Rating: 0/10
(by QuikQuak) - Commercial
The Pitchwheel plug-in changes the pitch of a sound without changing it's length. It has a large, easy to use dial and simple parameters making it a fast and creative effect unit. It has a ... (info)
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