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DreamStation DXi2

Rating: 9/10
(by Audio Simulation) - Free!!
DreamStation DXi2 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer plugin based on DreamStation I. It can be used from within compatible host application(s) supporting DirectX... (info)
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DreamStation I

Rating: 7/10
(by Audio Simulation) - Free!!
DreamStation I is our old standalone software synth workstation which consists of an analog synthesizer module, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, dual stereo FX processor and an eight... (info)
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DreamStation II

Rating: 8/10
(by Audio Simulation) - Commercial
DreamStation II is a virtual software synth workstation for the PC Windows platform, which allows you to use your favourite audio effect and synth plugins to create complete masterpieces... (info)
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