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Rating: 7/10
(by Artificial Audio) - Free!!
Quartz is a unique multi-effect plug-in that turns the simplest sounds into ever evolving rhythmic soundscapes. But that's not everything. It is also a source of creative modulation which... (info)
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Rating: 0/10
(by Artificial Audio) - Free!!
Obelisk is a spectral multi-effect that combines a Spectral Delay, a Spectral Filter and a Spectral Gate together with a Spectrum Analyzer and 2-Dimensional LFOs to modulate the effect... (info)
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Latency Bundle

Rating: 0/10
(by Artificial Audio) - Free!!
The Latency Bundle is a tool for measuring and compensating latency, purpose-built for Logic Pro. The bundle contains the Latencyr and the Latency Compensator. The Latency... (info)
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