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2D SuperSynth32

Rating: 0/10
(by 2DGAMESNL) - Free!!
2D_SuperSynth32 is a synthesizer plug-in featuring a "Super Oscillator" with detune envelope, velocity, accent and key-follow. Itas 77 parameters in total. Note: This plug-in uses the... (info)
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2D Drum3264 Drumcomputer

Rating: 7/10
(by 2DGAMESNL) - Free!!
2D_Drum3264 Drumcomputer is a free drum synth VST instrument. Features: * 3 Kits (House, Electro, Classic). * 11 Drums per kit (Bass, Snare, Low/Mid/High Tom, Rimshot, Clap,... (info)
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