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SuperRiff Bass

Rating: 8/10
(by SuperRiff Inc.) - Free!!
SuperRiff Guitar and SuperRiff Bass are simple VST instruments that contain a limited set of custom electric and bass guitar single note samples for use in computer music production. The ... (info)
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A0 Classics

Rating: 7/10
(by A0 Digital Audio) - Free!!
A0 Classics - A0 Parametric Equalizer, Tape Echo II and xFlanger... (info)
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Nebula 3

Rating: 8/10
(by Acusticaudio) - Commercial
VST Plugin based on Volterra Kernels Series. It emulates different types of vintage gear: equalizers, filters, microphones, preamps, compressors, reverb and generic time-variant processors... (info)
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CLA Classic Compressors

Rating: 8/10
(by Waves) - Free!!
CLA Classic Compressors is a collaboration between Waves and Chris Lord-Alge that brings you models of four compressors considered true classics by audio engineers the world over:A-2A,... (info)
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Rating: 7/10
VocEQPro ST is a special vocal Stereo equalizer with features are almost the same as... (info)
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GTG DrumSampler I

Rating: 7/10
(by GTG Synths) - Free!!
Multiple outputs. Visual feedback on each drum. Comes with one set of samples to start with. Requires a "multiple output" option in your... (info)
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